W2_A_Using Multiattribute Decision Making with Compensation Model for Supply of Electricity Tanjung Uban

  1. Problem Definition

Tanjung Uban Oil and Gas Storage Facility at the moment is planning the replacement of power source, originally the source of electricity obtained from generator, the replacement plan is based on the efficiency.

  1. Develop the Feasible Alternative

There are 3 alternatives in the supply of electricity at oil and gas storage facilities in Tanjung Uban, among others:

  1. Using direct electricity produced by PLN (State Own Electricity Company).
  2. Using gas turbine with feed from gas flare utilization.
  3. Using power generator with diesel fuel

Multiattribute Decision Making with Compensation Model will be made to choose the electricity supply option in Tanjung Uban. 

  1. Development of The Outcome for Alternative

Comparative analysis is conducted for each proposed alternative to see the impact of cost, reliability, efficiency, and environment.

Below on Tabel-1 is the comparison for alternative :

Tabel-1 Data Alternative

Relative Rank Scale 1 – 3, 3 for the best/High, 2 for Medium, 1 for Low, represent on tabel-2.

Tabel-2 Quantitative for Tabel-1

For compensatory Model, first time we define nondimensional scalling, it shown on Tabel-3 :

Tabel-3 : Nondimensional Scaling

Next step we generate Nondimensional Data, it shown on Tabel-4

Tabel-4 Nondimensional data for Electricity Supply

to calculate using additive weight technique we should determine Ordinal Ranking for Attribute, it shown on Tabel-5, where the greater number is meant greater important

Tabel-5 : Ordinal Attribute Ranking

4. Selection Criteria

Alternative with highest dimensionless value will be selected

5. Analysis & Comparison of Alternative

Regarding to Tabel-4 and Tabel-5, now we can calculated additive weighting for Tanjung Uban Electricity Supply, it shown on Table-6

Table-6 Additive Weighting Tanjung Uban Electricity Supply Selection

6. Analysis & Comparison of Alternative

Regarding to tabel-4 and tabel-6, the highest value of electricity supply by using electricity supplied by Gas Turbine or prefered to select, the result is on tabel-4 with 3 and tabel-6 with 0.67.

7. Performance Monitoring and The Post Evaluation of Result

Other attributes can be considered in sharpen the decision results, need to know Gas Turbine efficiency and other opportunity in advance technology of gas turbine.


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1 thought on “W2_A_Using Multiattribute Decision Making with Compensation Model for Supply of Electricity Tanjung Uban”

  1. Really good job on your first posting done on your own. You did a really great job with Steps 1 and 2, but then on Step 3, you started out with an QUALITATIVE assessment (High, Medium, Low) which works well for the NON-COMPENSABLE models but then you jumped right into the COMPENSABLE models, but you never told us what QUANTITATIVE VALUES you used for “High, Medium and Low”

    I will accept this posting SUBJECT to your next posting I’d like you to show us the NON-COMPENSABLE models and then SUMMARIZE the results using both the NON-Compensable and Compensable models and explain which one is preferable and why.

    And please explain to your team how many REFERENCES are required for each posting per the technical specifications? 😉

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to your W3 blog.

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta


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