W2.1_AI_Workloading Histogram

  1. Problem Definition

Formed in face to face classroom (24-28 July 2017), Emerald AACE 2017 team will face the distance learning mode since then. In this phase, the daily work and a lot of tasks must be executed at the same time. To achieve optimal productivity and minimize stress, the workload must be distributed effectively. However some tools must be performed to monitor forecast and balance the distribution of workload, it was manloading chart, resource histogram, and s-curve.


  1. Identify the Possible Alternative

To monitor and manage the workload we can use manpower loading chart, resource histogram, and s-curve.

The proposed of these tools is to define forecast workload base on activity, resources, duration and target date. Therefore before the project being late, it will help the Project Manager to maintain team members load.


  1. Development of The Outcome for Alternative

The activity and plan for each member will be defined in man power loading chart, as follow:

Table 1. Emerald AACE 2017 Manpower loading chart

While the resource histogram showing required resource quantity in a week, as follow:

Picture 1. Emerald AACE 2017 Resource Histogram

Since the schedule was set, the s-curve showed cumulative man hours spend, as follow:

Picture 2. Emerald AACE 2017 S-curve


  1. Selection Criteria

Refer to Table.1 above (Manpower loading chart), it showing each member required 8 hours per week (P50) to finish all the tasks. Using the manpower loading chart, will give the information about each member peak and low time consumed.

Table 2. Emerald AACE 2017 Manpower loading chart (balance)

The resource loaded must be provide in the histogram showing required resource quantities and time consumed each week, then when compared to peak resource availability gives us a clear indication how much resource flexibility we have.

Picture 3. Emerald AACE 2017 Resource Histogram (balance)

While the s-curve will be using for monitoring the progress of the project to be tracked.

Picture 4. Emerald AACE 2017 S-curve


  1. Analysis & Comparison of Alternative

Since the advantage was mentioned above, so the disadvantage of those tools was:

  • Manpower loading chart : no clear information of resource flexibility
  • Resource histogram : no clear information of activity
  • S-curve : no clear information of peak and low period


  1. Selection of the Preferred Alternative

The objective was balance the workload distribution, so the important information that should be shown was peak and low period.

With this information, we can balance the resource from peak period to low period.

The best tools for Project Manager to manage and balance the team member was resource histogram.


  1. Performance Monitoring and The Post Evaluation of Result

Resource histogram shall be monitor in weekly basis, it will help Project Manager to maintain and monitor team member loading. In parallel, implementing these tools will help team member to manage the workload effectively, increase the productivity and raise the team opportunities to achieve goal together.


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