W5.2_MFO_ OmniClass and 3D WBS on Gas Metering System Installation

1.      Problem Recognition, Definition and Evaluation

A company will install Ultrasonic Gas Metering Station for our project. Is the use of OmniClass or 3D WBS can be applied to this project? Which one is better?

2.      Development of the Feasible Alternatives

There are three (2) WBS alternatives to compare to answer the question above:

  1. OmniClass is a means of organizing and retrieving information specifically designed for the construction industry. It consists of 15 hierarchical tables, each of which represents a different facet of construction information or entries on it can be combined with entries on other tables to classify more complex subjects.

OmniClass Table 31 Phases: Table 31 – Phases, is the only OmniClass table that explains the stages (higher level of categorization than phases) of the project activity from conception until project closure.

  1. 3D WBS is based on three main dimensions: Zones Breakdown Structure (ZBS), Products Breakdown Structure (PBS) and Activity Breakdown Structure (ABS).

Fig 1. 3D WBS

3.      Development of the Outcomes for Each Alternative

a. Omniclass table 31 phases

Fig 2 – OmniClass Table 31 – Phases – WBS

b. 3D WBS Model

Fig 3. 3D WBS Model

We will compare both alternatives using Lexicography, one of non-compensatory models for multi attributes decision making technique.

4.      Selection of a Criteria

There are four (4) criteria that have been selected as parameters to analyze and compare the above alternatives:

  1. WBS level of details, this will explain how detail each alternative structures their WBS for design process.
  2. Number of design activity phase, is the number of engineering phase from the project scope development to the final design.
  3. Work flow of activities, is how the activities work together from the project scope development to the final design.
  4. Complexity of the WBS

5.      Analysis and Comparison of the Alternatives

Summary information for each alternative :

Table 1 Data Comparison

All attributes in table 1, be ranked in order of importance by doing paired comparison between each possible attribute combination. Result as shown on table 2:

Table 2 – Ordinal Ranking of Attributes

Based on table 2, the ranking is found to be WBS Level of details > Number of design activity phase  > Work flow of activities  > Complexity.

6.      Selection of the Preferred Alternative

Considering the above ranking, the 3D model was found the optimum selection as to be adapted to standardize the WBS.

7.      Performance Monitoring and Post Evaluation of Results

Monitoring and supervision should be conducted strictly during project to keep the project inline with the WBS.


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