This weekly Blog showcases the work and effort of team members from the Emerald Group – 2017 who are working towards AACE and Guild of Project Control certifications.

The Blog acts as a public platform allowing its authors and members to achieve the following;

  1. Measure their return on investment (RoTi) by demonstrating and applying their understanding of concepts, tools, techniques and methodologies learned from course study materials to real problems in their day to day working environment.
  2. Assist group members in their preparation for essay questions contained within the EVP, PSP,CEP and DRMP certification exams
  3. Enhance the ability and competency of group members to structure and present technical arguments in support of a “solution” or “idea” to a problem within the work place or even home
  4. Provide blog authors with the opportunity to showcase their works and efforts to a wider and public audience, thereby enhancing their public profile.