W16_OAN_Standardized WBS for Fuel Terminal Project

  1. Problem Definition

Fuel Terminal (FT) project is a construction project of Fuel Distribution facility to Received, Storage, and distribute Fuel to Gas.

A FT area consists of several areas: Office Area, Tank Farm area, Pump equipment area, Jetty Area, Fire & Safety and utility equipment area. In this project each area is supported by some equipment or facilities.

Figure 1: Typical Layout Fuel Terminal

  1. Development of Feasible Alternatives

Using OmniClass, we have 15 Possible Alternatives:

  • Table 11- Construction Entities by Function
  • Table 12 – Construction Entities by Form
  • Table 13-Spaces by Function
  • Table 14 – Spaces by Form
  • Table 21 – Elements
  • Table 22 – Work Results
  • Table 23-Products
  • Table 31 – Phases
  • Table 32 – Services
  • Table 33 – Disciplines
  • Table 34 – Organizational Roles
  • Table 35 – Tools
  • Table 36 – Information
  • Table 41 – Materials
  • Table 49 – Properties


  1. Possible Solution

Table 13-Spaces by Function

Spaces by Function are basic units of the built environment delineated by physical or abstract boundaries and characterized by their function or primary use. Spaces have a purpose or use.  This is their function and the concern of this table.  Spaces can be occupied by people, things, and substances and serve as mediums for activities and movement.

  1. Selection Criteria

The criteria for choose OmniClass are:

  • The WBS should represent zone for FT Project
  • Deliverables should be decomposed to the level of detail needed to estimate the effort required to obtain them
  • Ensure That each WBS element has a single point of accountability
  • Support historical cost collection for future cost estimating purposes


  1. Analysis and Comparison of the Alternatives
  • Table 13-Spaces by Function – Zone Breakdown Structure (ZBS).

Detail ZBS for FT projects can be extracted by OmniClass Table 13 (Space by Function) which noted spaces for decompose ZBS components, which detail shown:

Table 1: FT OmniClass ZBS

Figure 2: FT Space by Function

  1. Selection and Preferred Alternatives

Based on Figure 2, WBS represent Zone for FT Project. All Deliverable consist detail needed to estimate the project. By doing this, we can ensure our WBS has high accountability, and we can use our historical data for future cost estimating purposes.

  1. Performance Monitoring and the Post Evaluation of Result

Standardized FT WBS can build from OmniClass Tables 13 – Spaces by Function. It is necessary to keep update the WBS periodically during project phase. Project management team also needs to evaluate the impact during phases of the project so the project can smoothly deliver with on time, on budget and on scope.


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  1. AWESOME case study Pak Nunug…… Still got a lot of catching up to do and right now, your focus should be on the last project, which is the “Cheat Sheet”….. Find out what you do NOT know about from that checklist and then write a blog about that topic applied to your day to day working environment.

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